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So You Snozt and Lozt?

znozt and lozt

znoztlozt So You Snozt and Lozt?

dot So You Snozt and Lozt?

Aardvark Over Easy


aardvark 300x236 Aardvark Over EasyWe went out for late breakfast, brunch and lunch all rolled into one today. On the way over I had a stray thought about expectations and how they affect us.

Not sure what triggered the tangential synaptial firing sequence, but it may have had something to do with the treacherous road conditions in town after a Chinook wind melted everything and then got covered by snow.

It’s not a shocker that we have ice and snow in a Canadian winter, of course, we should be eminently used to it rolling around year after year. No black swans here. Frozen swans, maybe, but that’s a whole other story.

Still, whenever feet abruptly slide out from under we are not prepared. We scramble and hopefully manage a recovery no worse for wear once the adrenaline flood has subsided. Read More …

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The Civilized Way to Enjoy Marzipan

marzipan with beer

civilized marzipan 224x300 The Civilized Way to Enjoy MarzipanHaving recently revealed my predilection for marzipan, Santa got busy and rammed a stash down the chimney.

In addition, and to round things off nicely, he topped it up with some choice beers.

Now, this is truly the civilized way to enjoy marzipan – logs of it with artisan beers.


Here we have France (Trappiset Rochefort), Kenya (Tusker), Czech Republic (Czechvar) and Scotland (Innes Gunn).

Trappiset Rochfort has a special finish especially good along with chocolates or sweets. Like marzipan, for example.

Gotta go – it’s all lined up.

Let the bliss begin…

And Merry Christmas to you too!!

marzipan bliss 224x300 The Civilized Way to Enjoy Marzipan

 The Civilized Way to Enjoy Marzipan
dot The Civilized Way to Enjoy Marzipan

The Heirloom Marzipan Pig

marzipan at cours saleya

800px Marzipan at Cours Saleya 4745589750 300x201 The Heirloom Marzipan Pig

By Kristen Taylor from Brooklyn, U.S. (marzipan at Cours Saleya Uploaded by Mindmatrix) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Marzipan is a big deal in Norway, especially at Christmas and Easter. Everywhere you go you see all kinds of marzipan treats with colored parts or chocolate glazing and so on. At Christmas, you find bars, trees, snowmen, Santa Clauses (locally called Julenisser) and pigs. The sizes vary from tiny to ridiculous. In some cases you have to wonder if we are actually supposed to eat what’s on offer, and maybe we shouldn’t. But resistance is of course futile.

I am convinced marzipan was put on this earth to test the function of our moderation gene. Speaking for my self, I can report that the gene works fine, it’s just that I have free will and chose to ignore it. So there; I said it.

But this story takes place in a time long ago so let’s rewind. Read More …

dot The Heirloom Marzipan Pig

How to Have a Bad Day

bad day

w2 0491 How to Have a Bad DayYesterday I posted about How to Have a Good Day. On the back of the note that inspired that post were some thoughts about how to have a bad day.

I’m not suggesting you purposefully go after these to intentionally have a bad day. The idea is to be aware of how negative actions or thoughts can affect us in less than helpful ways.

So, check this out and see of you have any bad habits negative self-talk or whatever going on with you on a regular basis. Perhaps you can find inspiration to make a change or two and feel better for it.

How to Have a Bad Day

Read More …

dot How to Have a Bad Day

How to Have a Good Day

good day

w2 0241 How to Have a Good DayThe Internet is full of good and bad advice. Sometimes it’s simply amusing; other times it looks simplistic, but gets you thinking anyway. Today’s inspiration came from a little card found at the bottom of a forgotten pile of old stuff I was clearing out.

The How to Have a Good Day idea is not new, of course, but here’s a small list of suggestions that we are all too prone to overlook – and to our peril, I might add.

The charm comes from being straightforward and unpretentious.

See for yourself – here it is:

How to Have a Good Day Read More …

dot How to Have a Good Day

Testimonials: What People Have Said About Me Recently


man with check sign 02 1251 Testimonials: What People Have Said About Me RecentlyA blog post title like ‘Testimonials: What people have said about me recently’ is a bit of a stretch for me to push out, but I thought I’d share something.

I had occasion to review the last 8-9 months of Twitter messages directed at me and was surprised at what I found.

Since my last project was rather time consuming and left me with scant time to interact very much with my readers or Twitter followers I had some catching up to do. Sure, I had noticed a pleasant tweet here and there, but seeing them all together like this is enough to make anyone’s head swell an extra hat-size or two.

Read More …

dot Testimonials: What People Have Said About Me Recently

How 5% in a Big Pond Becomes 1% or so in a Smaller One

louder and prouder

man announce 01 1251 How 5% in a Big Pond Becomes 1% or so in a Smaller OneYesterday LinkedIn sent out a ton of emails to those they say are in the Top 5% viewed profiles for 2012. The math tells us that % of LinkedIn’s 200 million users makes for about 10 million. So a smaller group, but still sizable.

I joked with a friend in Toronto about this (he got the email, too) and he provided some additional math.

So Preben,
If I count properly, 7 million LinkedIn users in Canada, that’s 350,000 who got the memo.
350,000 in Canada, that’s about 1% of the population, so we are talking about 1% ers!

And you know two of them! (in so far as you can claim to know yourself…)

Congratulations are in order.

My best’


Well, what can I say; prouder and prouder and louder and louder, I guess. What measures up in a large pond, measures up more in a small one. That’s how 5% in a big pond can get to 1% in a smaller one.

I’m still the same person though, didn’t feel a thing, didn’t hurt a bit, really I swear. Go back to sleep:)



dot How 5% in a Big Pond Becomes 1% or so in a Smaller One

Idiocy for Dummies: The Missing Volume

idiocy for dummies

man with suit 03 1251 Idiocy for Dummies: The Missing VolumeThere is no book in the For Dummies series called Idiocy for Dummies. This is clearly a gap worth filling. There are idiots in this world and they need our help. The rest of us are trying to be all that we can be, get to the top of whatever pile shines the brightest and so on (an on and on).

Idiots don’t necessarily think that way so some of them are losing out on an opportunity to take part in the normal way of life on the thread mill, the ladder to the top, the bandwagon, the hamster wheel or the rat race. That’s a lot to chose from already and a lot of hidden opportunities to get it wrong.

Out of compassion and empathy we should find a way for them to find their place in the crowd, too. After all this is the 21st Century and we should be able to do better, don’t you think?

We need Idiocy for Dummies now! Because we need to make this simple (duh, we’re talking to idiots), we should keep it down to a few simple concepts summarized in a short list of action steps.

Read More …

dot Idiocy for Dummies: The Missing Volume

Zoe the Studio Art Dog – Pet with a Job

zoe the studio art dog
zoestudiodog 300x225 Zoe the Studio Art Dog   Pet with a Job

Zoe the Studio Art Dog

My wife started an art school last year teaching kids and adults painting and drawing out of her studio and gallery. The school is called Studio Art School and puts the old, renovated barn into good use.

We have a cat, Chloe, and a dog, Zoe, who both like to come visit when there are people around. Zoe is especially keen now even though she was a little afraid of the kids in the beginning, but no longer.

She is turning out to be quite the asset as a matter of fact. The younger kids are very involved with the dog and of course like to give her treats.

Zoe has her own Facebook page where you can see pictures of her in action with the kids in her new job as the Studio Dog.

Read More …

dot Zoe the Studio Art Dog   Pet with a Job

You’re Not One of those Cybercrabbies, Are You?


man with motebook 02 1251 You’re Not One of those Cybercrabbies, Are You?As a no doubt cultured, refined and exalted person (reading this blog is the proof enough), I’m sure you’re not at all on of those Cybercrabbies.

But, I’m sure you know who I’m talking about. You know, people with nothing better to do than to voice harsh and unrelenting negative criticism and commentary on everything within blogging distance.

They do so whether they know anything or not. Being crabby for them is a natural condition (or so it would seem) – and I surmise, but cannot prove – in or out of Cyberspace. Since I only run across them in Cyberspace, I call them Cybercrabbies.

It used to be we could avoid crabbies by walking out or hanging up the phone or just plain avoid any interaction. Then we found Cyberspace and launched. Remarkably, THEY followed. Even if they seem to dislike just about everything about it. You’d think they’d just stay home.

Read More …

dot You’re Not One of those Cybercrabbies, Are You?
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